We are searching for an incredible business to acquire, operate, and grow.






Are You A Business Owner?

We are looking to acquire a lower middle market business whose growth and success we can help continue for the decades to come, while preserving the legacy of its founders. Why consider us as your succession plan?  It comes down to our goals, focus, and intentions.

Our Goals

First and foremost, we are entrepreneurs. We appreciate the countless hours and sweat you’ve put into building your business. Our goal is to preserve the culture you’ve created, continue growing the company you started, and take an active role in operating the business as your succession plan.


Our Focus

We are focused on buying just one business.  We are not distracted with a portfolio of businesses. 100% of our attention, resources, and capital goes into acquiring and operating your business.

Our Intentions

In begins with creating a relationship, being transparent and honest. We want the acquisition process to be as simple and smooth as possible. No drawn out delays, complicated or ambiguous terms, and no financial engineering. We are flexible on the transaction structure and this is not a consolidation role up. You’ve built a family of employees and our plan is to keep this family intact. We have a long-term focus in growing the business you started.

Is Your Business The Right Fit?

We are looking to acquire a business with the following characteristics:

  • Provides B2B services or software
  • Revenue range of $10 million to $100 million
  • History of profitability
  • In a growing or fragmented industry



The Acquisition

  • Our expertise is in growing lower middle market businesses
  • Our focus post-acquisition will be to continue growing the company
  • Our commitment is to one investment
  • Our horizon is long-term
  • The structure can be flexible based on the owner’s needs
  • The existing employees are a critical to our growth strategy
  • The future role of the current owner can be flexible