Castle Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm that specializes in acquiring, operating, and growing established businesses. Our investments are for the long-term, focused on privately-held businesses with an established history of growth and profitability, typically with an EBITDA ranging from $1 million to $10 million.

We recognize the important role that business intermediaries play in facilitating the sale and transfer of business interests, and we value the opportunity to work together with business intermediaries in meeting the unique objectives of their clients.

Castle Capital provides intermediaries with the following benefits

Finder's Fee

We are always seeking to expand our relationships with business intermediaries or industry experts. As a way to compensate intermediaries for their efforts, we can offer attractive finder fees.

Smooth and Accelerated Closing Process

Castle Capital has committed capital in place, enabling us to move quickly and smoothly to consummate a transaction. Furthermore, our experience allows us to quickly evaluate new investment opportunities and be responsive to business intermediaries in expressing our interest and moving the process forward towards a successful close.

Flexible Solutions for Sellers

Castle Capital always seeks to offer a fair price to sellers, and can work closely with a seller to structure a transaction that best meets his or her financial, tax, lifestyle, and personal objectives. We are open to the possibility of ongoing seller involvement and understand the sensitivity surrounding employees, customers, and others in the business environment. As such, we can guarantee a confidential, responsive, and accelerated due diligence process that minimally affects your client’s business.

Experienced Management & Advisory Team

We can offer your client the peace of mind that comes from selling to a firm backed by world-class investors and operators. Our advisory team is composed of over a dozen successful entrepreneurs, operating executives, and investors, with extensive experience in helping to unlock the growth and superior performance of lower middle market companies in a vast array of industries.

Commitment to Seller’s Legacy and Retention of Seller’s Employees

We are focused on creating long-term value rather than on executing short-term tactics like cost-cutting or the “flipping” of your client’s business. Endeavoring to protect and build upon the reputation and legacy of an acquired business, we recognize the key role that employees play in the knowledgeable operation of each business and believe that an acquired company’s employees are valuable assets that should be retained and developed.

Investment Criteria

We are looking to acquire a business with the following characteristics:

  • Provides B2B services or software
  • Revenue of $10 million to $100 million
  • EBITDA of $1 million to $10 million
  • Up to $60 million in valuation
  • History of profitability
  • In a growing or fragmented industry
  • Based in the United States

We are not interested in the following types of opportunities:

  • Minority investments or growth capital needs only
  • Early-stage companies or start-ups
  • Consumer or retail businesses
  • New industries with speculative market demand
  • Companies with declining profits
  • Distressed or turnaround situations
  • Businesses that require a high level of capital intensity

Affiliated Acquisitions

Castle Capital’s advisors and investors have successfully completed over 100 acquisitions. The following are a few examples of affiliated acquisitions.